As a Broker Associate of ABN we know what is important to small and medium size business owners. We know the Insurance market and we know to give our clients the best insurance advice and products we need to understand our client’s business.

When you own or manage a business having the right insurance brings confidence and security, knowing that you have a strategy that protects your business and its assets from unexpected setbacks.

By working with Gemini Insurance Brokers you can rely on having the right coverage in place to keep your business up and running.

Gemini Insurance Brokers will spend time with you discussing your business risks and requirements. They put their energy into really understanding your business and researching what’s available in the market.

We will assess what insurances you may already hold, your business turnover and size, your operating history, and the nature of your industry, as well as how you manage risk.

Gemini Insurance Brokers tailor all kinds of policies to suit any business model. They can source the most suitable policies based on your budget and premium funding options, customise the policies further where necessary, then negotiate the best terms for you and secure the right cover.