Jumping Castle Hire Tips


Have you ever thought about hiring a Jumping Castle for one of the kids birthday parties? 

If you did hire one, would you consider asking if the Operator holds the appropriate Insurance cover?

At Gemini Insurance Brokers we look after the insurances for a variety of Amusement Operators, both Mechanical & Inflatable. However, today’s post is specifically in relation to Inflatable & Jumping Castle Hire and things to be aware of next time you’re thinking of hiring one of these items for an event, be it at home or for a community group function.

1. Whenever you are looking to hire a Jumping Castle or any other variety of Inflatable, always ask to see proof of the operators Insurance cover. This is as simple as asking them to provide you with a Certificate of Currency. More often than not, this will be a document they have on file already so it can be provided whenever requested and if not, it is easily obtained. The Certificate of Currency also referred to as a C of C, will show the following important information:

(i) The Insured Name (the Business name)
(ii) Dates the insurance policy is in place
(iii) The Limit of Liability
(iv) Who the Insurer is
(v) The Policy Number
(vi) A description of the Business covered under the Policy and schedule of the items covered

2. When asking for a Certificate of Currency – we recommend requesting an Insurer issued Certificate of Currency as these are only provided once the cover is paid for.

3. Never hire equipment from an Operator that:

(i) Advises they do not have Public Liability in place for their business.
(ii) Tells you that your own Domestic (Home & Contents) Insurance policy will cover any incidents that may arise – this is NOT correct.
(iii) Refuses to provide you with evidence of their Insurance.

4. If you are Dry Hiring the item (hiring without the operator in attendance) – make sure there is a Hire Agreement and the Operator installs the item rather than just dropping it off.

5. Read through the Hire Agreement and be sure to ask any questions if you are uncertain of any aspects of operation. For example – make sure it is clear what the ages/number of people allowed at any one time are.

6. Always ensure there is a responsible adult supervising any children on the equipment at all times. Whilst the Operator has an Insurance Policy in the event of their negligence, remember you still have a responsibility to make sure the item is being used in accordance with the instructions, terms and conditions contained within the Hire Agreement.

In summary, there are great number of Operators who run professional businesses and part of that is making sure they have the correct Insurance in place to cover not only themselves, but those that engage their services also. It is also important to note that these insurance policies generally have a set of conditions that the Operator must comply with in the running of their business with regards to Risk Management (reducing the chance of an incident occurring).

Remember that these Operators are factoring in the costs of their Insurance when quoting a job for you, therefore quite often they won’t be the cheapest option but there is, as you can see, a valid reason for that. Do your research, call around and be comfortable that the Operator you engage has a current Public Liability policy in place.

If you are thinking of hiring an inflatable and have some questions or you are an Operator looking for quote options or advice, feel free to call us on 0405 226 105 or alternately you can visit the Enquiry or Request Quote section of our Website and get in touch.

Kate Koric

Director | Senior Broker

Image Credit: Wonder Fair Amusements | Jumping Jims Castle Hire