Tips to help you avoid falling victim to motor theft


Imagine walking outside to head off to work or drop the kids at school and your car wasn’t parked where you left it the day before – not a great feeling is it?

Not just the fact that someone has stolen your vehicle but the myriad of inconveniences that follow due to not having a car to go about your daily routine.

We have compiled a few tips to help hopefully protect yourself against ever having the misfortune of being a victim of car theft.

Secure Your Keys at All Times:

How many of us walk in the front door and throw the car keys on a table in the entry or on the kitchen bench and they stay there until you go to leave the house again? Most of us – that’s who!

As you should with handbags, wallets & purses – remove them out of plain sight of any intruders that may enter your home with ill intent.

Never Leave Your Car Running:

Get in the car and realise that you forgot your phone on the counter?

Turn the car off and take your keys inside to retrieve it. A running unattended car is an open invitation for a car thief.

Lock Your Vehicle:

Whether you are parked for the night or just ducking into a shop quickly, always lock your car. It makes it all the harder for a car thief to get inside your vehicle to get it running and drive away.

Have An Anti-Theft Device Installed:

Not only does an anti-theft device deter a great deal of theft attempts and make a thief’s job more difficult – most of the time you will get a discount on your insurance premium if you have one installed and who doesn’t want to save a few dollars when it comes to that?!

Consider Where You Park Your Vehicle:

Parking your car off the street on your property reduces the risk of not only theft but damage to your vehicle. Where possible use a garage, carport or driveway for parking.

Whilst almost all of us have at one stage had a random dent appear on our vehicles whilst parked in a cramped shopping centre carpark and that tempts us to want to park in the back corner away from the other vehicles – remember that isolated or dimly lit areas are easier for motor theft to occur.

Finally, make sure you have a Hire Vehicle After Theft inclusion on your Motor Insurance policy. Whilst this is not in relation to prevention it is however something that will make your life a lot easier in the time it takes to either recover your stolen vehicle or have a claim paid in order to purchase a new one.

Most policies have allowances to include hire vehicles in the event of a claim but you have to be careful and read your PDS as to the circumstances that a hire vehicle can be obtained.

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Kate Koric

Director | Senior Broker


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